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Interfaith Jewish Weddings

Rabbi Monty Eliasov Performs Interfaith Jewish Wedding Ceremonies in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and other locations within the state of Texas

Rabbi Monty
Rabbi Monty always knew he wanted to perform interfaith marriages. His life's mission as he terms it comes from his deep conviction that Judaism is a porous religious faith, not one which was meant to be lived in isolation from the rest of society.

For American Jews, intermarriage is a fact of life and has been for many decades. Rabbi Monty asks each couple to find the optimum balance they seek in their spiritual lives as a new couple. Rabbi Monty often meets older couples who all tell the same story -- how they had difficulty finding a rabbi to perform their ceremony in decades past and that they are happy to see him doing this work.

One important goal of Rabbi Monty's is to make sure that both sides of the family come away from the ceremony feeling both represented and included. He wants the ceremony to be the glue for a new understanding and to be the beginning of a new relationship, one of hope and anticipation of the joys and challenges of a new beginning, an expansion of the family as a whole unit.

Rabbi Monty notes that more often than not the interfaith ceremony is in fact a transformative experience. He has witnessed latent and open antagonism turn into openheartedness and joyful acceptance right before his eyes. He has learned what the non-Jewish side of the new family needs in addition to what the Jewish side of the new family needs and proceeds to create a balance out of that understanding.

Rabbi Monty uses simultaneous translation of all the Hebrew blessings and prayers and family and guests often remark how they feel the ceremony came across as meaningful for them as well. They understood the symbols and felt that the sacredness of the ceremony was passed on to them as witnesses. Many Jews who would otherwise not find Jewish representation at their ceremony are deeply thankful that Rabbi Monty has made this his life's mission.

For further information, contact Rabbi Monty regarding a popular form of interfaith Jewish wedding ceremony he calls the “Officiant and Celebrant” model. Rabbi Monty conducts weddings in religiously neutral venues, and a meeting is required in order to cover all the aspects of a couple’s vision of their wedding ceremony. Rabbi Monty provides inquiring couples with a useful compilation of resources and information to better assist them in their planning for this most important day of their lives.  

As a result of trailblazing a new ceremony particularly well suited to all a whole range of family observances, from traditional to secular and in-between, Rabbi Monty is a popular rabbi for weddings in Austin and San Antonio and locations all around Texas.

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